The Water Ski Podcast

hosted by Matteo Luzzeri

EP60: Ski Talk with Marina Mosti

Welcome back to The Water Ski Podcast for Episode 60 with Marina Mosti!

Marina is a highly accomplished retired Pro Skier and among the very best Italian skiers of all time.

Matteo had to work hard to get this interview, as Marina is as modest as she was competitive on the water worldwide. With multiple accomplishments in all three disciplines, Marina was primarily known for her jump and trick skiing. Inevitably, that made her at any overall events, including the Worlds, the US Masters, Moomba Masters, and US Open to mention a few.

Sit back and enjoy this conversation, as Marina tells her story, the ups and downs of a career dedicated to be the very best water skier she could be. Marina also kindly shares her experiences as a coach, and her passion to pass on her knowledge and experience to younger skiers.
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