The Water Ski Podcast

hosted by Matteo Luzzeri

EP59: Ski Talk with Nick Adams

Welcome back to The Water Ski Podcast for this 2021. The first episode of this year full of hope is with Nick Adams.

Nick is a Pro skier and coach from Melbourne, Australia, who has been and is a constant threat at any tournament he attends. Tune in as Matteo and Nick cover Nick's journey into water skiing, his first events, the importance of Moomba Masters, and more experiences training and competing around the world. Listen to some of the things he learned from highly respected names in the sport and how he conceives good coaching to be. Get a sense of some of the challenges Nick faced, a few adjustments he has made to his skiing preparation, and why he values brand and sport culture so much.

This is a very rich conversation between two friends!
Sit back and enjoy it!
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