The Water Ski Podcast

hosted by Matteo Luzzeri

EP33: Ski Talk with Vincent Stadlbaur

This Ski Talk episode of The Water Ski Podcast is with Vincent Stadlbaur!

Vincent is a Swiss skier who currently resides in Clermont, FL. However, calling "Vino" simply a skier is reductive. Internationally ranked driver, webcast producer, photographer… Vino is a bit of a Leonardo Da Vinci, a true ambassador of water skiing worldwide.

Join Vincent and Matteo as they cover:
  • Vincent's early days in the sport as part of a 3rd generation of skiers
  • How his passion for photography started
  • Some of Vino's first shots and the famous Asher's photo at 9.75m at Alizée Cup
  • His insistence since young to drive the boat and his first experiences
  • Vincent's dad insistence on respecting the sport
  • The moment everything clicked and started driving the best skiers in the World
  • Vino's days at Film School and how the passion for webcast arose
  • The importance of content creation for the promotion of the sport
  • … and a ton more!

Follow Vino on Instagram, check out The Waterski Broadcasting Company, and take a look at the Swiss Waterski Resort.
Also, look at some of his video productions. My favorite one is Unleash

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