The Water Ski Podcast

hosted by Matteo Luzzeri

EP13: Ski Talk with Erika Lang

In this episode of The Water Ski Podcast, Matteo got to interview Erika Lang.

Erika is the current World Trick Record holder, set in October 2019 at Jack Traver's "Sunset Fall Classic" Tournament in October 2019, with a score of 11260. Erika is also a dual athlete, competing in the WWA Wakeboard Pro Tour.

Some of the things Matteo and Erika talked about:
  • Erika's beginning in the sport as a "distraction" from gymnastics
  • Her gradual transition to water skiing
  • How she went from a "big tricks" tricker to a "big run" tricker
  • Similarities and differences between wakeboarding and trick skiing
  • Her process for learning a new trick in skiing and how to implement it in a run
  • Erika's process to learn a new wakeboarding trick
  • Her World Record Run
  • Gender gap in trick skiing compared to wakeboarding
  • … and a LOT more!

You can watch Erika's World Record run here.

Also, check out her AWSA Page, World Water Skiers page, and follow her on Instagram.

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