The Water Ski Podcast

hosted by Matteo Luzzeri

EP88: Ski Talk with Jacinta Carroll (Part 1)

Welcome back to The Water Ski Podcast for Episode 88, which is the first part of Matteo's interview with Jacinta Carroll.

Jacinta is the current and 5-time World Jump Champion, the first female jumper to break both the 60m and 200ft barriers, and without a doubt the most dominant jumper of all time. In fact, Jacinta has won every event she has entered in the last 9 years! So, how does a champion like this come about? Who took part in the development and preparation? When did she start to be successful? Why hasn't she stopped improving? These are just some of the overarching questions Matteo seeks to answer in this interview. In this first part, Jacinta recounts the early years, the challenges, the joys and, importantly, the relationships that forged her into a jumping sensation. Among family and other key people, Jacinta talks about the late Ray Stokes, his influence on her beginnings, and the path he had in mind for her.

Enjoy this rich Part 1 and stick around for Part 2!
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