The Water Ski Podcast

hosted by Matteo Luzzeri

EP84: Ski Talk with Becky Lathrop

Welcome back to The Water Ski Podcast for Episode 84 with Becky Lathrop!

Becky is highly regarded as one of the best tournament drivers in the World. In this interview, Becky covers her early days into waters skiing, and how ski partners pushed, coached, and trusted her to be sitting in the driving seat. Once life brought her to West Palm Beach, the opportunities to drive various skiers and on different boats accelerated her process of becoming a versatile and reliable driver. Matteo asked Becky a lot of questions and curiosity about her thoughts and approach to driving, from minute details to the overarching consideration about what is good driving and what is fair driving. Regarding these points, Becky has been keeping up a driving Q&A, which she kindly decided to share with the listeners of the podcast.

This is a passionate chat about driving with a passionate driver who is truly committed to the sport of water skiing.

Enjoy it and see you next week :)
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