The Water Ski Podcast

hosted by Matteo Luzzeri

EP70: Waterski Pro Tour

This episode of The Water Ski Podcast is the announcement of the launch of Waterski Pro Tour!

As many of you might have heard through different interviews published in recent times, Matteo has been involved in a project aimed at redacting the former Elite Points into simpler and easier-to-understand Pro Points. This new categorization was approved by the IWWF Tournament Council, thereby sanctioning this as the new format. The next step and the major mission was to unify all these exciting tournaments under one central website and social media where to follow the feats of the best water skiers in the world. Waterski Pro Tour is to grow the sport through the promotion of professional waterski events into a unified tour.

Put on your bookmarks, follow @waterskiprotour on Instagram, and get ready to watch Swiss Pro Slalom, the first stop of the Waterski Pro Tour!
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