The Water Ski Podcast

hosted by Matteo Luzzeri

EP58: Looking to 2021

Welcome to the last TWSP episode of 2020. As we all look forward to a better new year, hear what guests of the show are looking forward to for 2021.

Guests in order of appearance:
  • Cole Grant
  • Chris Parrish
  • Ashley Stevens
  • Corey Vaughn
  • Giannina Bonnemann
  • Coop Diddy
  • Matteo Ianni
  • John Waldron
  • Nick Parsons
  • Mario Pigozzi
  • Manon Costard
  • Robert Pigozzi
  • Brittany Greenwood
  • Marcus Brown
  • Greg Desfond
  • Will Asher
  • Thomas Degasperi
  • Elizabeth Montavon
  • Keith Albritton
  • Claudio Köstenberger
  • Dane Mechler
  • Freddie Winter
  • Jaimee Bull
  • Igor Morozov
  • Vince Stadlbaur
  • Candido Moz
  • Thomas Gustafson
  • Adam Pickos
  • Daniel Zimmerman

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