The Water Ski Podcast

hosted by Matteo Luzzeri

EP57: On the Dock with Marcus Brown

This episode of The Water Ski Podcast is a long conversation with water ski ambassador Marcus Brown. After having covered Marcus' personal story in Episode 10, he decided to come back as part of the TWSP "Dock Time" series. These are just conversations about water skiing. On occasion, it will be just Matteo talking in front of the microphone about something that is on his mind. More often, it will be Matteo and another guests chatting it up!

Join in as Matteo and Marcus discuss:
  • The Olympic pursuit and its downfalls
  • Pro skiing in his heyday and Marcus' experiences as it declined
  • The role of skiers in the resurgence of Pro skiing
  • What is exciting about water skiing nowadays
  • The cost and access of skiing as a hinderance to growth
  • Comparing Brooke Baldwin and Allie Nicholson's styles (more on FPM YouTube channel soon)
  • What the FlowPoint Method it and how it came about
  • Marcus and Jenny's experiences in creating and running the Method
  • The value of well-guided reps over new equipment
  • How helping Terry Winter with his skiing is helping Marcus' brother through some hard times
  • Matteo's project of skiing all around Lake Iseo in the memory of Josè Castelli
  • Savoring moments and the advantages of long-format conversations

Enjoy the chat and come back next week for the end-of-the-year episode :)

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This episode is also brought to you by the FlowPoint Method, a revolutionary and holist approach to water skiing created by Jenny LaBaw and Marcus Brown.
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Matteo recently discussed with Marcus some technical aspects he has been working on for the FPM Podcast. You can check out the video

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