The Water Ski Podcast

hosted by Matteo Luzzeri

EP56: Ski Talk with Claudio Köstenberger

Episode 56 of TWSP is a great long conversation with Claudio Köstenberger!

Claudio is among the top Jumpers in the World, a master story teller, and straight up genuine guy! In this episode Matteo gets to learn more about the very early skiing days of Claudio, followed by a recollection of Claudio's junior and collegiate days that saw the two of them following a very similar path. The second part of the episode is more topic-based in nature. Here, Claudio speaks his mind about what he deems is wrong with the Zero Off system for jump, the ongoing quest for success at the European Championships, the limbo of choosing between a life in Austria or in the United States, and his thoughts about the US Masters after his participation in them.

Sit tight for this one ;)


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