The Water Ski Podcast

hosted by Matteo Luzzeri

EP32: Ski Talk with Jennifer LaPoint

This episode of The Water Ski Podcast is with Jennifer LaPoint!

Jennifer is a former Pro Water Skier, investor, and entrepreneur. A member of the Water Ski Hall Of Fame, Jennifer held the World Slalom Record three times, being the first woman to ever run 11.25m. She also has a keen passion to promote the sport of water skiing, starting with the WOW tour in the

Join Matteo and Jennifer as the go over:
  • Jennifer's early days of skiing and early tournament experiences
  • Her upbringing as a multi-sport athlete of basketball and water skiing
  • Historical development of Worlds and Pro Tour
  • The shift from College Basketball at Georgia Tech to skiing for University of Central Florida
  • The stories of her World Records and the importance of sport psychology
  • Jennifer's injury and comeback
  • The creation and development of the Women Of Waterskiing (WOW) Tour
  • Her relationship with Kris LaPoint and the creation of Lapoint skis.
  • The App Compete and what brought Jennifer the inspiration for its creation.
  • …and more!!

Check out LaPoint Ski Park on Instagram, Lapoint Skis, and watch her AWSA Hall Of Fame video.
Also, check out the development of Compete at

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