The Water Ski Podcast

hosted by Matteo Luzzeri

EP28: Learn (some more) Water Skiing with Coop Diddy

Coop Diddy is back!

This impromptu episode was recorded just a few days ago, after Coop bombarded Matteo with more questions about water ski intricacies. "We should have this conversation in front of the mic" Coop said, and within 3 minutes the two were recording.

By the way, have you checked out Water Ski Bits? Coop has a bit on there too ;-)

In this episode, Coop Diddy asks Matteo more specific questions about the water ski world, informed by the knowledge about the sport he has been acquiring :)

Follow this second episode as Coop and Matteo ramble and untangle:
  • A little update on how TWSP has been going since EP11
  • Trends of Top20 skiers in the World (see BOS post here)
  • What made Men Slalom so competitive in recent years
  • Deliberate practice and skiing in different conditions
  • Big Dawg and Senior categories, including former Pros making the switch
  • Jeff Rogers being the first guy to run 41off at 36mph and 34mph
  • Are 34mph and 36mph two different sports altogether?
  • Coop's first experience of riding in the boat for Matteo
  • Safety and funnies in water ski photo shooting
  • Shoutouts to Coop's fans Freddie Winter and Dane Mechler
  • The effects of COVID on the water ski community
  • …and more!!!

If you are new to the sport, hopefully you'll learn something out of this conversation.
If you are already an experienced and knowledgeable skier, you'll definitely find this discussion amusing and, possibly, resembling the ones you often have about trying to explain our sport to non-skiers.

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