The Water Ski Podcast

hosted by Matteo Luzzeri

EP19: Ski Talk with Thomas Gustafson

In this new episode of The Water Ski Podcast, Matteo interviews Thomas Gustafson

Thomas is a skier, a respected coach, and especially one of the best photographers in water ski and wakeboard history. With countless magazine covers and spreads, Thomas has grazed the eyes of water sports enthusiasts with some unique and spectacular shots. Thomas is also a keen coach. Working primarily in Italy, Sweden, and the United States, he has influenced over three generations of skiers, including the likes of Marco Riva, Oskar Vikström, Jakob Bogne, and Leonardo Boldini.

Join Matteo and Thomas as they discuss:
  • Thomas' early skiing experiences and successes
  • How coaching became a part of his experience while competing
  • The focus shift from jump and tricks to slalom due to injury
  • How he realized photography became a passion
  • Thomas' early days a photographer and those who helped him shoot
  • The first few shots that made it to publication
  • Some fun shooting stories
  • Thomas' advice on how to improve your photos
  • … and much more!

In addition to the episode, we also launched another Apple Podcast review contest! Thomas and I will raffle a winner on Instagram Live and the winner will get a print of a famous shot, autographed by Thomas.

Here are the rules:
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  • Rate and write a review telling us what you thought about Episode 19 with Thomas Gustafson
  • MAKE SURE to take a screenshot of your review before you submit it.
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  • We'll raffle the shot on Wednesday, March 4th

Follow Thomas on Instagram and check out his website to see some of his work. In addition, Thomas organizes a cool water ski tour in Italy, brining guests to 10 different ski sites in the old country.

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