The Water Ski Podcast

hosted by Matteo Luzzeri

EP17: Ski Talk with Adam and Cory Pickos

Matteo sits down with two 2-time World Trick Champions Adam and Cory Pickos.

Cory is a IWWF and AWSA Hall of Fame skier and one of the innovators and legends of trick skiing, with 24 World Record, 2 World Titles, 10 US Masters and 10 US Open Titles. Adam, his son, also owns two World Gold Medals at home and a bunch of other accolades. It was an honor sitting with them to hear their favorite stories, pick their brain on trick skiing, and talk about the upcoming Junior World Championships to be hosted at their ski school in Santa Rosa Beach, FL in August.

Some of the things Matteo, Adam, and Cory talked about:
  • Cory's early days in water skiing with his dad in Wisconsin and the early rise to success
  • Cory's first World Title in 1981
  • Adam's early days in skiing and the role of Cory in his progression
  • Adam's first World Title in 2015
  • How the manage to maintain a healthy coach-athlete, father-son relationship
  • Their favorite part about trick skiing
  • Some of the tricks they struggled to learn along the way
  • The effects of being surrounded by friends and competitors at all time at ski school
  • Life at Cory Pickos Ski School in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The organization of the 2020 Junior World Championships
  • … and much more!

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Watch the trick run that put Adam at the top of the 2015 World Championships, and check out this hand pass by Cory in 1987 with the famous Wake 720 front to front.
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