The Water Ski Podcast

hosted by Matteo Luzzeri

EP12: Ski Talk with Wade Cox

In this episode of The Water Ski Podcast, Matteo sits down with the legendary Wade Cox.

Wade is an AWSA Hall of Fame inductee, 3 times US Masters Champion, and has 47 Pro Slalom titles in his career. Most water ski fans will remember his legendary battles with Andy Mapple that characterized the 1990s, making for one of the longest rivalries in the history of the sport. Join in the conversation as Wade shares his knowledge, his story, and his vision for what is next in his life and in the sport of water skiing.

Some of the things Matteo and Wade talked about:
  • Wade's early days as a skier
  • What sparked him to choose skiing over other sports
  • The early successes, including overall skiing achievements
  • How Carl Roberge inspired him to bring his skiing to the next level
  • The transition from college to full Pro
  • The importance of sound technique and equipment
  • The battles with Andy and other skiers
  • How he managed to compete at a high level in the 2000s despite injuries
  • … and a LOT more!

Wade is an integral part of the HO Syndicate team, and his 30+ involvement with the company is truly a rarity in our sport.

Also, check out his AWSA Hall of Fame tribute video and speech. And, a chat between Wade, Marcus Brown, and John Mommer about some of his tournament experiences :)

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