The Water Ski Podcast

hosted by Matteo Luzzeri

EP10: Ski Talk with Marcus Brown

Welcome to the 10th episode of The Water Ski Podcast.

In this one, I talk with Marcus Brown. Marcus is a former professional skiers who had to stop skiing in the tour prematurely due to a back injury. This setback did not stop him from continuing to be involved in the sport of water skiing. He is in charge of Flow Point TV and the Flow Point podcast, through which he shares video and audio aimed at exposing our sport in all its beauty and complexity. Marcus is also the brain behind all the three version of the HO Freeride, a ski that changed the water sports market. Marcus also was on the engineering team that developed the current MasterCraft Pro Star, launched in 2014. But beyond all of this, Marcus is a genuine, passionate human being, and those who know him or go to meet him can understand the greatness of spirit with the man.

Some of the things Matteo and Marcus talked about:
  • Marcus' early days as a skier
  • His "firsts", including first time representing the United States and first injury
  • The role of his parents in his development and that of The Ridge
  • Marcus' involvement in some iconic water sport products in the last few years
  • How water skiing can grow again
  • The state of the pro tour before, during, and after his career
  • … and a TON more!

In October of 2019, Marcus was inducted in the Hall Of Fame of the National Collegiate Water Ski Association. You can read more about it at this link.

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